Top Three Gardening Trends of 2018

Garden Trends 2018

Here are our picks of the top trends for your garden this year.

Indoor Gardens

With the limited space many people have in huge cities, creating an indoor garden is blowing up this year.

How to garden indoors

– allocate an area to be the garden space

– acquire many plants that survive well inside, but remember to buy quite a few different types of plants for variety

– Place the plants in this area; perhaps you should consider installing shelving to add levels or maybe a used stepladder. This will add dimension to the area

– Rotate your plants often to ensure they get a good amount of sunshine

– remember to water

Micro Gardens

Similar to an indoor garden but located outside on your small balcony or patio, the point of a micro garden is to create a mini jungle in your space. Once you are set up, you can spend time playing on NZD online casino sites in your own personal jungle.

How do you Micro garden?

– Once again, purchase many plants, but focus on the tropical types and buy many more than you would for the Indoor garden. Remember to get tall, medium and short plants and plants that will thrive under larger plants

– Place your plants in the designated area and overcrowd those plants, almost on top of each other (think jungle)

– Creates those levels, use a few old wood stools or upside down pots to create height when necessary

– water, water water

Edible gardens

This sounds like a fancy way of saying you should start a vegetable garden, but this year the focus is on sustainability. So you should never buy mushrooms, you should grow mushrooms. These edible gardens are focusing on cutting back on wastage, think the plastic your veg and herbs come in, think the vehicle exhaust fumes that are made delivering your fruit and veg to the local grocer.

How do you start and Edible Garden?

– start out by planning your garden, deciding on a space for the garden and what you want to grow and what time of the year you will grow.

– avoid growing things you will not eat, unless you can barter with other people for things you need

– if you struggle growing things from seeds, consider going to you local nursery to buy seedling or full grown plants to ensure you have the best start to your perfect Edible Garden


For all these new gardening trends, you would need plant food and what better than your own “home grown” compost. Composting is taking off in a huge way and is a simple process to start and add to your gardening.

How do you start composting?

– You can either make a place in your garden on the ground or buy a specific composting unit to compost in

– What to compost: Fruit and veg kitchen scraps, coffee grounds, newspaper, grass clippings, leaves

What to avoid in your compost: eggs shells (uncrushed), meat, dairy, dog poop, Onion and Garlic

– start by mixing the green and brown materials and the watering them down

– Mix that compost once a week and add to the pile as the weeks pass

– You know its composting well when you can feel its warmth (when touching it)

– You know it’s ready to use when it no longer feels warm and is brown, dry and crumbly

– use this compost to boost your plants growth and make them and you happy