Organic Pest Controls For Greener Gardening

When planting and caring for a garden, the idea should be not only to receive, but also to give back to the earth by creating a space that is friendly to the environment.

This is why every budding gardener should explore the topic of organic pest controls. These are much less damaging and toxic to the environment than unnatural methods of keeping pests and bugs under control.

Below are some of the best steps to take when creating a healthy garden that is also friendly to the environment.

First Things First

The very first step in controlling pests is to create the most hospitable space for your plants. Cultivating a healthy garden is just about the single best way to bring about organic pest control.

This is because a healthy garden is the best organic pest control treatment in existence. As such, there’s no need for additional treatment, with various insects doing the good work on your behalf.

Identify The Pest

When pests do appear, it is important for identify which pest it is you’re trying to fight. Then, focus on a control method specifically effective for the particular pest you’re dealing with.

The worst thing to do would be to choose a general chemical that will kill not only what’s ailing your garden, but also all the good insects in it.

Luckily, there are several good organic pest control options readily available at your local nursery.

You’ve Got A World Of Options

Below are some of the most effective organic pest control aids that won’t cost you a small fortune. We’ve listed these from least to most in terms of toxicity.

Microbial Insecticides

Not only are microbial insecticides friendly to the environment and to good insects, but they’re also non-toxic to mammals.

A popular choice in this department is Bt (Bacillus Thuringiensis). This pest control method can be used to treat a variety of larvae, including cabbage loopers, hornworms, and cutworms.

Bt works by paralysing the digestive system of the larvae you’re trying to fight, and typically does the job in just a couple of days, leaving you plenty of time to enjoy the Roulette Canada has to offer.

Insecticidal Oils

Insecticidal oils work by suffocating the pest in a layer of petroleum-based liquid.

It is a method that has been around for a very long time and is mostly used to kill the eggs of insects. Insecticidal oils are especially effective because of their fast-working action.

They’re often used to control mealy bugs, spider mites, scales, and aphids. Since insecticidal oils can cause leaf-damage to plants and trees, be sure to read the directions closely.

Diatomaceous Earth

Made from the fossilized silica shells of algae, this product works by cutting the cuticle of insects. The pest then leaks body fluids and dies.

Diatomaceous earth is an effective means of pest control for getting rid of aphids, root maggots, slugs, and snails.

But since this product can kill off good insects as well, it should be used with great care. The best time for application is in the early morning when the leaves of plants and trees are moist from dew.