The Top Ten Hiking Trails

The Top Ten Hiking Trails

This list is in no way the definitive list of the best hiking trails in the world but it should point you in the right direction for your next adventure.

1. Te Araroa New Zealand

Cutting through the heart of New Zealand, the Te Araroa trail is made up of over 160 trails and stretches from Cape Reinga to Bluff. Highlights here include the Queen Charlotte Track, the Whanganui National Park and the Tongariro volcano.

2. Tour Du Mont Blanc France

Known as the rooftop of Western Europe, the Tour Du Mont Blanc stretches through France, Italy and Switzerland. Mont Blanc has the highest peak in Western Europe and you can explore many local villages and restaurants on this 100 mile trail.

3. Pacific Crest Trail California

This trail starts off in the parched Mojave Desert and snakes through to the green mountains and valleys of the Manning Provincial Park in British Columbia. Highlights on this massive trail include the Forester Pass, the Sequoia Canyon and Kings Canyon National Parks as well as the breath taking Lassen Volcanic National Park.

4. Everest Base Camp Trek Nepal

For a surreal experience, the 40 mile hike to the Everest base camp is the ultimate adventure. With great amenities, fantastic people and the stunning Khumbu Region serving as the backdrop, this is a must do hike. It’s a hike that will get your blood pumping like the sports betting NZ has to offer, but you’ll need to be as fit as the athletes you bet on, as this trail is not for sissies.

5. Overland Track Tasmania

Here hikers can explore the Cradle Mountain Lake World Heritage Site. Like many other trails on this list you will walk through variety of environments ranging from rain forests to highland mountains. You will also be in the natural habitat of Tasmanian Devils, Platypus and Wombats.

6. Franconia Ridge New Hampshire

Considered a rite of passage for many hikers, this trail through the White Mountains can see up to 700 hikers a day. The trial takes you over the Little Haystack, Mount Lafayette and Lincoln Mountain. Many hikers prefer to visit the trial during autumn when there are less crowds and beautiful Autumn foliage.

7. Sierra High Route California

This challenging yet rewarding route includes the Ansell Adams Wilderness, the Devils Postpile National Monument, the Yosemite National Park and so much more. Summer is the best time of year for this trail as it will be the time that the snows have melted and the views should be stunning.

8. Dosewallips Olympic National Park

Lush does not describe this trial. The wet weather can be a challenge for many but for an impressive 3 day hike this trial can’t be beat. Easily one of the wildest and most secluded hikes you can do, July and September is a great time for this hike but rain fails throughout the year.

9. Caribou Tracks Alaska

As the name suggests, the Caribou on this trial is the highlight. This hotly contested land may soon be losing its pristine quality as oil companies go after the land’s rich resources. Spring and fall sees massive Caribou migrations take place and is the best time to tackle this trail.

10. Long Range Traverse Canada

The rawest trial on here. You will need to bring navigational tools as this route is unmarked. The trade-off is pristine wilderness, true isolation and some of the most beautiful landscapes you will ever see.