Small Balcony updates

When you live in a big city, you are often lucky to have even a tiny balcony to get some much needed outdoor space in your life. But having a bare bones balcony with an old rotten chair and a rusty table is not the best look for your cohesive, well decorated home.

In this article we list ways to improve the look, feel and usability of your balcony, whether big or small.

So even if your budget is super tight, or maybe you have won some extra outdoor decorating money, we have an update for you!

Our Top Balcony updates:

Faux Green

Whether you have a black thumb and can’t keep a single plant alive or your balcony gets to much sun to keep plants alive, faking greenery is the best option for hassle free “plant” life on your balcony.


– faux grass, naturally you cannot plant real grass on balcony, so get fake grass cut to size and cover your balcony floor in some durable green grass. Faux grass needs no watering and is long lasting and durable.

– Faux potted trees- shop online or buy fake potted trees from your local grocery or hardware store. These plants will survive all sorts of harsh weather and you can always chuck them if they start looking distressed.


If you have inherited some ratty old outdoor furniture, you might want to consider chucking it or to try refurbishing.


– Wrought iron – if you have some rusty wrought iron furniture taking up space, consider giving the pieces a good wash, a slight sanding and a fresh coat of paint.

– Wicker – Consider taking broken wicker to a professional to be fixed. If the wicker is in good repair but just looks a bit old, consider a quick spray-paint to refresh and a cushion on the seat to add colour.

Note – Make sure that when you refurbish your old outdoor furniture that the pieces do not take up to much balcony floor space. So consider getting rid of a seat or two, before spending time fixing it up!


If you do not want to go the faux grass route, then we have a few other options to elevate your basic cement balcony floor to a more eye pleasing design


Rugs – ok you do not want to put a Persian rug outside in the sun and rain but there are a few options that are hardier. Try rugs made of plastics or even natural fibres like Jute.

Planking – get yourself some interlocking plastic planks that look like great decking but are more durable and easy to install.


Levels can really expand space, so when you have a super small balcony consider adding levels to trick your eye into believing there is more space on your little balcony.


Seating – start with low seating, maybe a cushion on the floor and add seats of differing heights, a bean bag, a simple chair and maybe a hammock. But do not clutter the space with too much furniture.

Tables – consider alternative tables to your usual round/square tables, consider cutting an old table in half and attaching to the balcony or use a box to create storage and table space.

Planters – do not just add planters along the floor or balcony edge. Try adding hanging plants or attaching plants to your outside wall to add to the levels.