10 Ways to Maximise Space in Small Bedroom

While there is always a better way to maximise space in every room in your house, for now we are just going to focus on making your bedroom more comfortable and spacious. Decluttering or doing away with unneeded items could be all your bedroom needs, but it’s a good idea to consider the following tips on maximising space in your bedroom.

1. Reduce the Size of the Bed

Consider the largest piece of furniture in your bedroom…it’s your bed of course! While there is nothing better than a massive King-sized bed, if you consider how much space you could save by downsizing, this sacrifice doesn’t seem so bad anymore.

2. Remove Large Furniture

Freestanding dressers and chests of drawers can take up a lot of space in your bedroom and are most likely contributing to the feeling of clutter and claustrophobia. Instead, opt for under bed storage that can hold large clothing items such as woollen jerseys and items you don’t wear all year round.

3. Use Other Rooms More Effectively

Have you got a hallway closet with extra room? Why not store bulky seasonal clothing, bedding, and seldom worn formal attire there instead?

4. Reorganise Your Cupboards

It’s imperative that you efficiently utilise all the vertical space in your cupboards as the more that you can store in your cupboards, the less that has to be stored in the main bedroom area. This is also a great tip for small children’s bedrooms.

5. Remove Large Electronics

If you enjoy lying in bed watching your favourite series on your flat screen or enjoying real money pokies on your desktop computer, it may be a good idea to consider how much space these electronics take up in your bedroom. Why not move them into a different room with more space?

6. Try a Sofa Bed

Similar to a futon, a sofa bed or sleeper-couch could transform a small bedroom into a den or office space quickly and easily. If you don’t like the look of a futon, a sofa bed is your next best option as they are generally more formal in appearance and are available in all price ranges.

7. Invest in a Futon

Multifunctional furniture is the best idea for small bedrooms and a futon is the best of both worlds as it can be used as a bed and a sofa! This is the ideal option for small apartments with several roommates, offices, and dorm rooms.

8. Maximise Wall Space

Maximising wall space with open and closed shelving will help you remove storage furniture units off the floor and will instantaneously make your room feel less cluttered. Another great idea is to mount a mirror on the wall as opposed to a freestanding unit.

9. Consider a Murphy Bed

Murphy beds which pull out from the wall and provide full floor access when the bed is packed away may seem futuristic, but they are a brilliant use of wall and floor space! Today’s Murphy beds – when closed inside the wall – can even fold out to become a desk on the other side.

10. Invest in Multifunctional Furniture

As living spaces are becoming smaller, there are many companies who design and manufacture multifunctional furniture perfect for clearing and preventing clutter. Consider a bed that has drawers below and a bookshelf at the headboard – you’ve just combined 3 pieces of large furniture into 1!