How To Keep Pests Out of Your Home

Keeping Pests Out Of Your Home

Maintaining a clean household is a constant chore, and requires plenty of dedication and hard work. One of the things that can quickly undermine all that hard work is the invasion of pests.

Whether it’s an army of ants or a colony or rats, these creatures have no problem with taking up residence in your home, and before long they can turn from a simple nuisance to a legitimate, often expensive problem.

Like with most things, prevention is better than cure, and this is especially true when it comes to the pests we can find at home. Instead of letting the pests move in permanently and then spending thousands hiring professionals to remove them, rather put preventative measures in place to keep them from moving in at all, so that you can maintain your house without the added headache of endless pest problems, allowing you to rather spend the time enjoying your favourite show or playing a bit of online blackjack Canada.


These are the most abundant of the different pests that can potentially invite themselves into your home, and also one of the most difficult to get rid of. Ants, in particular, are the biggest nuisances of the bunch. Not only can they invade your kitchen and get into all the food, but they can sneak into electronics and destroy them.

They can even wear at the foundations of a house, chew on electrical lines, and cause untold amounts of damage.

Preventing ants is extremely difficult. Pesticides are an option, but they also tend to kill the more helpful bugs we find around our homes, like spiders and bees. One tried and tested method is to leave a little cornflour wherever you find ants.

An ant will eat some, die, and when the other comes across its body, they will alert the rest of the colony that it’s an unsafe area to be in, hopefully ending their intrusion.


Rats and mice can cause all kinds of havoc once they’ve moved into a house. They tend to live in the parts of the house where there’s the least activity, such as the ceiling or in unused cupboards. Rats and mice need to chew constantly, which often leads them to destroying furniture and valuables. They’re also always attempting to steal food, and not only do their droppings create a mess, but can cause disease.

The best way to prevent rats from moving in is by owning a cat. Cats will spend their time hunting and killing all the rodents on a property. If you can’t have a cat, the next best option is to create barriers on all the opening around the house.

Using a material like steel wool, which rats and mice can’t chew through, find all the little holes and crevices around your home and pack them as tightly as possible with the steel wool. If they do manage to settle anyway, rat traps are still the most trusted method of rodent removal on the market.

Keeping Your House Safe

Nobody likes having pests in their home, but taking the right preventative methods can mean all the difference, and help you keep your house in shape, and your family away from any harm.