Great Ideas for Greening Any Space

A big garden is wonderful, but it’s not something that everyone is lucky enough to have. Fortunately, you can transform just about any space into a green one, and these ideas will work just about anywhere- whether you are in an inner city apartment or a house in the ‘burbs.

Herb Window Boxes

You don’t even need to build a traditional window box to jump on this trend that’s as rewarding as playing at a casino no deposit. You can simply grab a few pots of herbs and line them up against a window that gets just enough sun. Or, you can take one long planter and plant several herbs in it. An indoor herb garden not only ads a touch of green to your kitchen, it means you always have herbs on hand when cooking.

Tip: Check that the herbs you buy are not annuals, as they may die off and need replacing regularly. Sage, thyme, mint and chives are all perennial and a great option.

A Bathroom Forest

Your bathroom can get hot and humid, and the amount of steam means that there’s a high moisture count in the air at least once a day. This makes it the ideal environment for a small tropical jungle! You don’t need to go overboard if you don’t want to, but a few plants add a little something extra to any bathroom.

Top: Ferns and plants like bamboo, aloe and delicious monsters thrive in warm, humid conditions and make excellent bathroom plants.

A Balcony Garden

If you have a balcony you can turn it in to a full on garden, using pot plants of varying shapes and sizes.

You may need to put in some planning here to ensure that your garden is a success, and you’ll need to consider how much sun you get, whether there’s a lot of wind or rain and whether plants will be able to survive the weather conditions the whole year round.

Tip: Plan your balcony garden according to the climate you live in, and opt wherever possible for plants that grow locally, as they’ll be better equipped to handle the local weather.

A Succulent Entrance Hall

Plants have a way of making a home feel alive, loved and lived in, and if you don’t have a green thumb or are worried about the amount of time and maintenance a lot of pot plants or similar may take, then succulents are your best friends.

They don’t need a lot of water and come in a myriad of different sizes, shapes and colours. You can pot lots of succulents separately, or you can put them together, and they make a great addition to any entrance hall, or against the sides of a front door.

Tip: Buy succulents in packs and plant them together, this way they will already be well grouped and be more likely to survive.

If none of these ideas will work for you, just remember that a few pot plants in any space livens it up, and adds something special!