Hot Home Improvement Trends for 2018

For do-it-yourself-ers there are a number of exciting trends coming up in the new year.

Have a look at what everyone is interested in, and you may well find your next project while you are at it.

Accommodating Multiple Generations in One Location

More and more homeowners are having to contend with extended family members sharing their space, and this has resulted in one of the hottest home design trends for 2018 emerging: accommodating multiple generations in one house.

Think of basement living areas equipped with an additional kitchen, or a bedroom added on to the main floor of a home in order to lodge aging parents.

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Bringing Brass Accents Back

Brass is making a big comeback in terms of decor, and the metal can add a fun accent to an otherwise ordinary room.

Try a mirror with a brass frame, check out brass fixtures for your lights, and investigate tables fitted with legs made of brass.

Doorways and Hallways are Getting Wider

More and more elderly folk are opting to spend the remainder of their lives in one place, and this has required practical solutions to be found for certain problems.

One home design trend is widening hallways and doorways in order to accomodate wheelchairs and scooters.

Pocket doors are also enjoying popularity as they do not take up as much room as a swinging door, and are easier for some people to operate .

Opting for Open Kitchen Shelves

Now you can show off your dainty dish collection -simply install some open kitchen shelves and you are good to go!

This trend also gives you more choice as far as storage is concerned, especially for big, bulky items.

People are Whooping it Up for White Flooring

Although white floors are a struggle to maintain, it is set to be one of the biggest trends in 2018.

Think white tiles in your bathroom and kitchen, and white wood for your living areas.

The good news is that white brightens up even the darkest of rooms, and it also works well in almost every possible colour combination.

Smart Lighting Controls are a Slam Dunk

Automatic controls are where it is at in terms of lighting design trends for our homes in 2018.

Not only do smart lighting control systems save you money in terms of the energy being expended, they are easily customised as well.

This is great news, as we all know that our lighting needs can vary hugely depending on what time of day it is, what season we’re in, and even specific users’ needs.

Relax on Your Roof Deck

Roof decks are not just for apartment buildings anymore. They are becoming a sought-after amenity for residential homes, as well.

This is largely thanks to the great alternative they offer to the more traditional backyard patio or deck, and, with the simple addition of some pretty patio chairs, an umbrella, and a table for two, you have a spot with a great view.