5 Garden Trends for 2019

There is more to gardening than sticking a few plants into the ground and hoping they’ll grow. Wow your friends and neighbours this year by including one or more of the top gardening trends of 2019 in your green space.

Just so you know upfront, following some of these trends may require no small amount of effort or outlay on your part. If you’re wondering what to do with your Australian sports betting winnings, now you know. Others, however, can be achieved with a few well-made choices at your local nursery. These are the 5 hottest trends you do not want to miss.

1. Upwards and Easy to Maintain

Already popular in small urban gardens, vertical gardening is set to become even bigger in 2019. It is ideal for traditionally plant-less spaces such as garage walls and small balconies.

Along with window-boxes, vertical gardens are really easy to maintain, and are great options for kitchen herbs and smaller vegetables. What’s more, they lend themselves to self-watering units, which saves you time and energy.

2. Your Own Secret Garden

Another top gardening trend for 2019 is to create hidden spaces and places within your garden. Whether you go for a teen-friendly spot to lure your kids away from the computer or TV, or a secluded area in which you can relax and unwind with a glass of wine and a good book, you won’t be sorry.

You will be surprised at what a difference a few benches or seats and a fire pit behind taller plants or shrubs can do. If you want to go bigger, think about putting in a gazebo or turning a shed into an airy summer house.

3. Tropical Is Tops

Think big and lush. Think tropical. Think Africa. Dramatic plants, large leaves, and vibrant colours are going to be big in 2019, so make sure you do not miss out on this one!

Elephant ears, delicious monsters, birds of paradise, canna lilies, cordylines, kumquats, ficus, and palms will add size, shape, and in some instances colour. What’s more, most of these also grow well in pots.

4. Patio Fruit On Parade

Prove you’ve got your finger on the pulse by growing your share of patio fruit. Never heard of it? Don’t worry – the concept is as simple as it is easy. Basically, it comes down to fruit trees or shrubs in pots on the patio (or wherever else you put your potted plants).

Some great ideas include strawberries in vertical planters, blueberries, figs, currants, gooseberries, and dwarf mulberries.

5. Gardens That Give

We live on an increasingly stressed planet. Do your part for mother nature by creating a garden that gives back.

When selecting plants, choose some that are known to attract bees and butterflies. Ditch harmful weed killers and pesticides for natural methods, such as beer-based snail traps. Grow fruit and vegetables, and donate the excess to charity kitchens or share it with your friends and neighbours.

In some countries, suburban gardens can become Certified Wildlife Habitats. If that’s not possible where you live, try use the same principles on which such certification is based.