Fiesta slot

Visit Brazil in this Themed Fiesta Slot

It time to party in South America with this mobile Fiesta slot from Nektan. The theme on the reels is Brazil focused, with a definite inclination towards the music and dancing that this culture entails. Being a mobile slot the graphics and detail are on the slightly more basic side of things, keeping the reels clear and visible to the players on their smartphones. The developers also included a fun musical soundtrack for the game, alongside some fun, themed symbols on the reels and a colourful backdrop. Overall the presentation of this combination on the reels is quite an appealing one, especially for a mobile slot game.

Moving a little closer to the action, the gameplay involved in this Fiesta slot is pretty solid, offering the players a set of 5 reels, with 15 pay lines running across as well as a range of betting options through which to access the reels and wins made on them. The setup of this slot is fairly intuitive, with the necessary information included in the available buttons situated along the advent of the screen. Once players have started spinning though they likely will want to land a few bonuses on the reels. Nektan have included their favourite bonuses in this mobile slot experience, which include Wilds and a rather simple free spins feature. Overall this compilation of attributes makes for a good all round slot experience.

Time to Samba with this Slot’s Theme

The music, the colour and the lights definitely do have a connection to Brazil and parties therein, with the necessary symbols even appearing on the reels to reaffirm this view. Despite the adequate level of graphics, the colour combinations created on the reels of this slot and the backdrop beyond it are rather inviting and once the spinning begins the reels themselves turn into colourful, pretty mesmerising blurs. The sound effects reflects the action on the reels, right down to the Brazilian affiliation, whilst the backdrop rather unceremoniously adds a good degree of colour and influence behind the reels. All in all, the presence of this Fiesta slot from Nektan is quite attractive, even on the smaller sized smartphone screen.

No Brazilian party slot theme would be complete without the important visual additions from the symbols on the reels, a large factor when it comes to theme portrayal on a slot game, particularly one designed for the mobile platform. The symbols in this Fiesta slot includes maracas, drums and even a fun carnival mask. There are also a few playing card symbols that Nektan have somehow managed to make look part of the theme, blessed with the appropriate colours that they are. All in all this makes for some interesting spins on the reels of this mobile online casino NZ slot.

A Note on Bonus Features Involved

As mentioned before, this mobile Fiesta slot from Nektan doesn’t have an overwhelming number of bonuses attached to it, with the notable two involved being Wilds and free spins. The Wild symbol is the toucan, and can of course substitute in for the other basic symbols on the reels, in an attempt to create more opportunity on the reels. The free spins on the other side of the coin is triggered through the Scatter symbol and landing 3 of these anywhere on the reels. The best thing about this feature is that it can be retriggered.