The Beginners Guide to Camping

If you are a confirmed city slicker looking for a new adventure, camping is one of the best ways to get outdoors and view nature. While camping you can be a homebody (stay at one campsite) or you can be a bit more adventurous and leave or move your camp, go hiking or try more adventurous pursuits.

While camping can be a huge amount of fun it can include a huge amount of stress as you try figure out what exactly you need, and what you should avoid. So maybe before you hit the great outdoors you can try out a few easier camping options, like camping at a musical festival – music festivals provide porta loos and the better ones provides showers.

Or try a more family friendly set up camping ground, these also provide shower and toilet blocks for people camping on site to use. Choices like these can make it easier for first time campers to overcome hurdles (basically many first timers to camping do not like pooping in the woods)

Here is our simple tips and tricks to make sure you get the best out of your first camping experience, and skip being eaten by a bear. You might have to spend a bit of cash upfront as a first time camper, so get ready to spend that cash you won with Bitcoin betting.

Essential Camping Items:

  • A Tent: this may seem like a no brainer but a good quality tent is essential. Things to look out for are waterproof quality and size. No matter what the packaging says, a two man tent is not big enough for two men, it is barely big enough for one average size female.
  • A Shovel: technically you should have two shovels, one for digging holes, using on the fire and general use around the campsite and the other should be called Doug – and should be used for toilet duties in the bush
  • Bedding: you need bedding that matches the environment i.e. if you are in snow filled environment then you need to get heavy duty bedding with down etc no fire inside your tent and a thin sleeping bag on a winters night = one horrible camping experience. Also if you have space consider getting a camping cot or blow up mattress if you are not used to sleeping on the ground.
  • First Aid Kit: A first aid kit is actually highly important, cleaning and dressing wounds can prevent infection if you are injured. Making sure you can quickly handle any possible injury is necessary to ensure a safe camping trip.
  • Lighting: Solar power is best for camping, as you do not want to run out of battery power while in the middle of cooking your evening meal.
  • Cooking essentials: When camping you need to pack the bare minimum of equipment needed, as carrying extra and unnecessary cooking items can be a massive burden. Consider packing one pot and one pan, only the essential spices needed and taking food items along that do not require to much prep and clean up. Speaking of cleaning up, you would need a tub to do the washing of pot and pan in.
  • A cooler box: This is to keep you food cold, but lets be honest – you probably have a good few drinks in there too, and nobody likes a warm beer. So invest in a great cooler to keep your goods cold.