The Best Beginner Garden Plants

Starting out in gardening can be very intimidating. Let’s look at some of the hardiest plants that are perfect for beginner gardeners.

Not only can these plants be colourful, fragrant or practical, they don’t need a green thumb to thrive in a variety of environments.

1. Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry Tomatoes are low maintenance plants and best of all they grow fast. These seeds are best planted in spring along with other herbs and greens.

2. Summer Squash

Not just a tasty veg, but also a great simple plant to grow for beginner gardeners. It is relatively insect resistant but does need a lot of water. The Summer Squash also grows quickly and is exceptionally hardy.

3. Basil

Basil is a delicious herb that can be used in many dishes. Growing your own won’t just save you money, this hardy plant is also a pleasure to cultivate. They literally won’t stop growing and you can host them in a variety of containers.

4. Hosta

One of the most low maintenance flowing plants, Hosta will keep your beginner garden green all year round. They are the very definition of low maintenance and they even flourish in full shade. Their rugged, heart shaped leaves resist most pests and diseases.

5. Hydrangea

Hydrangeas are one of the most common flowering plants and they grow in a variety of environments. They are notable for having their leaf colour affected by the pH of the soil. These low maintenance plants will bring some beautiful colour to your garden, especially when paired with Hostas.

6. Mint

Mint is a fantastic herb that combines low maintenance care with a fantastic aroma and fragrance. There is nothing like having fresh mint ready for your kitchen. You can even place mint in the path of a breeze to freshen up your home or office.

It’s also a great addition to your garden as you can use it to make mojitos; the perfect accompaniment to a party or relaxing and enjoying some of the betting NZ offers!

7. Rosemary

Rosemary prefers more Mediterranean climates but it is a great garden all rounder which is excellent for fresh kitchen use.

It should be noted that it is best to bring Rosemary indoors during the winter. Rosemary is also a very important plant as it attracts pollinators to your garden. A beginner’s garden essential.

8. Portulaca

Best grown in the spring or summer, Portulacas are an incredible flowering plant. They are nearly indestructible in your garden and they look stunning when they are in bloom.

This is another must have for a beginner garden. This plant is great for gaining your confidence when you first start gardening.

9. Succulents

Succulents are a well-known beginner favourite. They grow just as well indoors as out and the species that do flower have incredibly beautiful flowers made even more precious by how rarely they show up.

Succulents are undemanding and almost indestructible.

10. The Knockout Rose

Roses may sound like a bad idea to a beginner gardener but Knockout Roses are not in the same league as hybrid roses like tea and floribunda roses.

They are self-cleaning and best of all they bloom every 5 to 6 weeks. They do not need special care and they always look great.