Attracting Birdlife To Your Garden

Anyone that has a garden will attest to the fact that birds are often the stars of the show, partly due to how entertaining they can be to watch every day, but also because the massive variety of birds out there means that there’s always something new to see.

If your garden is lacking lots of birds, there are plenty of ways that you can start bringing in more birdlife daily. These are easy to implement and can provide the perfect habitat for a large range of different birds.

Keep reading to learn how to attract more birdlife to your garden.

Provide Fresh Water

Like any living animal, birds need a constant source of fresh water in order to stay hydrated and clean, which is why so many gardeners keep a source of water somewhere in their garden. This can be as simple as a small dish left out for the birds and other wildlife to enjoy, to a natural bond that’s even got plants in it for the birds to eat from. It’s the first place to start when wanting to bring in new birdlife into the garden, and one of the easiest.

Try and replace the water at least once a day, but even every two days should be sufficient for most birds.

Sand Baths

Many species of birds like to spend some time in sand, which they use to clean themselves as well as to hunt for arthropods, such as worms and beetles that hide in the sand. Most kinds of sands will do, and only a small portion of the garden is necessary to make a proper sand bath for birds.

Adding fresh sand every now and again can help keep the birds coming in while stopping the original sand from becoming too thin.


While a lot of birds prefer to eat seeds, fruits, and even leaves, there are just as many that are insectivorous, meaning that their diet consists primarily of insects. This means that having a lot of insects in the garden will automatically mean more birds in general. Planting lots of native plants is the first step to take in order to bring in more insects but creating special insect hotels can also help.

Native plants can also attract more birds on their own, as these are the kinds of plants that would naturally attract birds, meaning that you’ll see an increase of various kinds of birds with various diets.

Build Birdhouses

All birds will need a place to sleep at night, as well as a place to build their nests when they’re getting ready to raise their young. Birdhouses fulfil both these needs at the same time, and can be a lot of fun to build, especially if you have children, or just leaving it to them while you enjoy real money pokies online.

They come in various sizes for different species of birds, and it’s easy enough to find plans online and to acquire the necessary materials to build a few at a time.