10 Pocket-Friendly Home Improvement Projects

10 Pocket-Friendly Home Improvement Projects

DIY projects and home improvements always seem daunting at first, but it’s possible to transform every room in your house even if you’re short on time and money.

Take a walk around your house, make notes of the areas you are least happy with, and make the change this weekend!

Upgrade Your Entranceway

Changing up your entranceway can dramatically alter how your house looks from the outside. Consider the following:

  • Invest in a new front door or paint the old one
  • Repaint the exterior trim
  • Replace the house numbers
  • Install new outdoor lighting

Install a New Backsplash in the Kitchen

Installing a new backsplash in your kitchen is an easy fix to upgrading the look of your kitchen.

It’s also not necessary to buy expensive backsplash tile or glass, as you try something simple and inexpensive like tin ceiling tiles, wooden bead board, wallpaper, chalkboard paint, or magnetic paint.

Build a Headboard

Headboards can be created out of almost anything and a fun project is to find something you’re passionate about and turn it into a headboard.

You can purchase re-purposed or salvaged materials such as fencing, old doors, windows or shutters, or create a collage of pictures with decoupage.

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Add Wooden Detail

Adding a chair rail, picture molding, crown molding, or baseboard will completely change the look of a room and add architectural interest.

Make it easier for yourself by taking accurate measurements and asking the lumber yard or home improvement outlet to pre-cut all the pieces of wood to size so you have more time for Australian sports betting!

Mix Up the Lighting

New light fixtures in the kitchen or over the dining room table will brighten the room up instantly. Create a fabric-covered drum shade to match your existing décor, or install a dimmer switch to make the currently lighting more versatile.

You can even replace or paint the blades on your ceiling fan to add a little something extra.

Enhance Your Cabinets

Replacing cabinet knobs and pulls is an inexpensive and easy upgrade, and you should look for hardware that is the same size as the existing ones so you don’t have to re-drill the cabinet doors.

If your cabinets require a bit more than a simple knob replacement, you can paint them instead.

Small Space Creativity

Small, pokey half bathrooms can often look drab if not done up nicely, but there are several easy fixes.

Try a bold paint colour, faux finish, snazzy wallpaper, or hang an interesting mirror.

Change the Taps

New fixtures in the kitchen or bathroom can add the extra shine you’re looking for and new taps have more functionality so the upgrade can be more than just aesthetic as well.

Be sure to shut the water valves and follow the directions carefully.

Put Together a Cornice Box

An easy project for beginner woodworkers, a wooden cornice box can be covered with fabric or paint and will make windows look bigger and add visual height to a room.

Add a Window Box

Window boxes can brighten up a drab area instantly by planting herbs or flowering plants. Functional and beautiful!