Tips and Tricks for Urban Gardening

Even a tiny apartment may have space for your urban garden! All you need is the space of a bathroom, say, or even a walk-in closet. Installing a wide ledge on your balcony for your pots, making sure there is a little space for a table and a chair or two, and you can transform a bare balcony into a lush garden where you can grow some food, too!

The Top Ten Tips for Your Convenience

Try these tips for creating your garden, and, when you are done, you will have a brand new place to sit and enjoy a good book, a spot of Australian sports betting, breakfast, and more!

  1. Make sure you invest in an organic potting soil of high quality, and augment this goodness further with compost.
  2. Layer plants that will bloom at different times on top of one another in pretty containers, and remember to fertilise them once a month.
  3. If your terrace can support the weight, cover the floor with filter fabric and then a shallow layer of gravel. This will help your plants self-sow and naturalise.
  4. Make a study of how the sunlight moves across your space over a day, and cluster containers in areas where they will thrive, sun lovers versus those who prefer shade, for example.
  5. Clustering your pots makes it much easier to water your plants efficiently. Most containers will dry out and need water at least once a day, with this increased to twice a day in very hot conditions.
  6. Make peace with your pests! If squirrels dig up one of your pots in order to bury acorns, be proud that you have created a tiny wildlife habitat in the midst of a bustling city.
  7. Plant pollinators’ favourites in order to attract bees and butterflies.
  8. Herbs are the easiest edibles to grow in containers.
  9. Some fruits are surprisingly simple to grow in containers too, like blueberries, currants, and even figs.
  10. Vines and climbers that grow quickly are excellent options for small spaces, because they will imbue them with vertical interest rapidly.

Focus on Pots and Containers

You will find that most of what you are going to grow will be housed in containers and pots, so make a small investment to get the prettiest ones you can. Naturalised herbs and violets are able to live in the gravel, and have the added bonus of hiding an ugly, bare floor as well. Choose plants that have shallow root systems for your floor, and make sure they can access water.

You Won’t be Pestered by Varmints, Promise

Although this may be the first concern of many, it is, in fact, not as prevalent as one may assume. Birds are rarely a problem, and some fruits actually grow better in pots than they do in gardens.

An additional benefit to planting in pots is that, if you make your selections properly, you will always have something in bloom throughout the growing season. The deepest layer should be reserved for summer bulbs, perennials should be placed at the mid-level, and your annuals should be on top.