The Best Vegetables to Grow in Pots

It’s possible to grow almost all vegetables in some sort of container, but some flourish and produce heavily this way, so these are the ones to focus on. A great tip with this kind of garden is to make as much use of vertical space as you can by, for example, using a trellis to provide support to plants that trail.


Most beans are climbers and even the bushier type grows upwards, which makes them productive to plant in pots. They’re also an excellent option for trellises and near walls and will start producing delicious little eats in a matter of weeks.

You’ll need a sunny spot for your beans, a container that is at least 12 inches deep, but the bigger the better, and some sort of structure to support them. Because beans fix nitrogen levels in vegetables that need more, grow these underneath them. If you manage to get a really good-sized spot for your beans, try combining them with celery, kale, and summer savoury


Lettuce grows very quickly and you’ll be able to harvest this leafy green many times over the growing season. It’s a cool-season crop, so make sure and choose the right time for its growth according to where you live, but seeds are usually started in spring.

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Peppers and Chillies

Peppers and chillies are very productive little plants and are an excellent choice for container-plants. They look beautiful too and will need to be put out in a warm, sunny spot. If you do this and provide the right soil along with fertilising them every now and then you’ll see heavy fruit sooner rather than later and remember to aim for a pot at least 12 inches, or just over 30 centimetres, deep.


Radishes are among the quickest-growing vegetables and are perfectly suited to container vegetable gardening because they can be grown in small pots, as long as these are wide. Planters just 6 inches, or slightly over 15 centimetres, deep are fine but you’ll need to put the bigger varieties in slightly deeper ones, between 8 and 10 inches or 20 and 50 centimetres deep. Remember to allow at least 3 inches, or around 8 centimetres, between each plant.


Spinach is one of the best vegetables to grow in containers and it grows well in partial shade and any kind of space. You can even take the plants indoors and display them on a windowsill! Get containers similar to those recommended for radishes for these plants.


You’ll need a lot of sun for these productive container-plants, at least five to six hours, and choose your pot according to what you’re growing. Dwarf varieties are the best bet and cherry tomatoes offer excellent yields.