Life Hacks For A Neater House

We’ve all been there. We’ve invited friends around and haven’t had time to clean the house, or we’ve had someone drop in unexpectedly and we fear we may be living in a bit of a mess. Keeping your house neat isn’t fun, but it is a necessity, and these top tips will ensure your place always looks tidy!

Don’t let dishes pile up

No one loves dishes, or if they do they are the odd ones out. But a sink piled full of dirty dishes, or counter tops stacked with plates, glasses and mugs just looks messy. Plus, if left for a day or two it may even start to smell. Do dishes regularly, or at the very least pop them into a dishwasher rather than leaving them to lie around.

Don’t leave dishes or clothes lying around

If you get into the habit of leaving your coffee cup next to the bed or your clothes on the floor, stop! Nothing look messier than used dishes laying around and nothing is sloppier than yesterday’s clothes piled – or strewn – across the floor. Dishes go in the sink, and clothes go in the cupboard or the laundry hamper.

Wipe down countertops

Stained, sticky or messy countertops are a nightmare, but they can be cleaned easily and all it takes is a little discipline. Get in to a habit of wiping down any surfaces you work on when you’re done, and you won’t have to suffer with spots, stains and marks that look grubby.

Clean as you go

If you’re cooking, baking or making yourself a drink, clean up as you go. You can make the load a lot lighter than leaving every thing to the end, when the last thing you’ll feel like is cleaning up!

Don’t let laundry pile up

Nothing looks messier than loads of laundry. Do a load a week, or two if needs be, but try and keep on top of your dirty clothes, as when the hamper starts overflowing it’s a bit late!

Scent your space

There are so many way to make your space smell good and whether you prefer diffusers, oils, incense or plug in sprays, there’s an easy option for everyone. If your home smells nice it will automatically feel cleaner, but don’t ever use scents to mask bad smells!

Invest in a doormat

It’s amazing how much dirt a doormat can trap, and if you want t keep your floors clean, invest in doormats for all your exterior doors. You’ll save yourself a lot of sweeping or vacuuming!

Make your bed

Believe it or not, a made bed can make an entire room look neater. Before you go to work every morning, throw the duvet neatly onto the bed and plump the pillows, the overall look will be far cleaner, and it is always nice to get into a made bed at the end of the day, either to sleep or to relax and play some of the best online roulette games Australia has to offer!