How to Modernize your Living Room

So you have decided to adult properly, and create a good looking home. One of the best places to start in your home is the Living Room, as it is the place you spend most of your waking hours in.

And its also the place most visitors to your home will see first (and probably the only part they see). So why not make it the best, brightest and beautiful part of your home where you would be happy to relax and play on sports betting NZ sites.

Here are our tips to update your living room, to create a modern but timeless style:


It’s time to get rid of that old futon or the couch handed down from your mother’s last living room renovation. If you really need the additional sleeping space a futon provides, you should invest in a great sleeper couch that quite easily transforms into a bed for guests.


– mix and match – your couch and armchair do not need to be from a set, you can get a gray couch and a green armchair or basically any colour combination that you like and fits into your colour scheme

– Neutral – yes you can have a pink couch, but will it be in fashion in 2 years? Rather opt for a neutral colour couch and add colour to the room with cushions or throws on the couch

– Budget – Couches can be costly, so make sure you buy a couch you can see yourself using in ten years and that will also last for ten years. Focus on comfort, quality and classic lines to ensure you end up with a couch that will serve you well.


Hand me down freebies are awesome, but when they are “heirloom” rugs that are threadbare, smelly or ugly they do not count. Investing in a great rug that really suits your space and colour scheme does not actually have to cost a fortune.


– Size – ensure you always get a rug for your living room that fits well. There are loads of illustrations online that will show you what sixe rug you should get for your living room. Aim for not to small where the rug looks lost and not too large where the entire floor is covered in rug.

– Fashion – it is great to have fashionable rugs, and it is not too costly. The current trend is a Turkish white rug with black diamond or geometric patterns. This stylish rug is super in now but also will be a classic rug to keep long term.


People often rely on ceiling lights and add no other lighting, or just add a simple table lamp to a side table and consider themselves done with lighting. But there is so much more!


– Floor lamps – get a long floor lamp in a corner and you will transform your living room

– Ceiling lights – replace outdated lighting with a modern fixture

– Remote control dimmer – make sure all your lighting is on remote control, never get up again to turn your lights off

Colour scheme

This year monochrome is huge in home decor, so try out black, white and grey accents in your living room. But if you love colour, consider a few plants for a pop of green or frame your family pictures or artwork and use them to add colour to a space.