Get Fruity slot

Classical Fruit Themed Mobile Get Fruity Slot

Slot games have come a long way from their start as the original fruit machines. Today the standard for slot playing action revolves around the mobile phone, giving the players levels of reach and availability previously unimaginable. This is one such slot game designed for the mobile platforms and developed by Nektan software. In a twist of irony this mobile slot is themed on those very fruit machines classics that eventually led up to this position, paying homage in effect to the giant’s shoulders. Despite the classic theme choice though, the graphics of this Get Fruity slot are actually quite good, especially on a smartphone screen.

Theming a slot game on the classic style of slot gaming is an often used move in the industry and has the effect of then applying additional pressure on the base gameplay of the slot to perform. With this Get Fruity slot from Nektan that base game consists of a set of 5 reels and just 9 pay lines, which is definitely a rather standard setup for the more classic slots. There are also some betting options at hand, nestled neatly alongside the reels of this game next to an auto play and the pay table and settings thereof which suits players playing multiple games like real money baccarat at the online casino with the slots.

In support of the classic theme choice and also the mobile platform there aren’t many bonuses or features to write home about, with the only notable symbols in this regard being the Wild and Scatter, with the latter awarding free spins to the lucky players.

Attention to Detail Regarding the Slot Theme

To be honest, there is not too many details to adhere to in order to make a slot theme classical, but fortunately Nektan seemed to want to include a good couple of thematic aids to support this classical endeavour on the reels. These include a retro styled backdrop that adds a level of simplicity to the 2D experience created on the reels. The soundtrack also carries an inherently classic slot tune, with even the sound effects likely feeling familiar to the players. Overall, the basic setup and simple graphics makes this combination of mobile and classic slot present pretty accurately on the screen.

The symbols in this Get Fruity slot game are the classic ones players will likely expect by now. These include a range of various fruit like cherries, lemons, plums and oranges as well as the likes of bars, 7’s and even bells. Pretty much all the classic symbols combined into one set of 5 reels, with the only real shame being that there are only 9 pay lines through which to score with these.

Run of the Mill Slot Bonuses

This Get Fruity slot from Nektan probably won’t be winning any awards for innovative bonus features any time soon but they do have the essential ones. These include a Wild and a free spins winning Scatter. The Wild is a jester’s hat and like a joker it can become other icons in the game. The Scatter on the other hand requires 3 or more on the reels to trigger the free spins. Players then get a few spins, based on the triggering betting options that spin autonomously and can be quite rewarding.